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Job description
Roles & Responsibilities Prepare materials and conduct English tuition lessons in primary students . Tutor students in small group at centre. Familiar with current primary level MOE academic syllabus. Responsible and be a good role model for students. Able to work on Monday afternoon (2:00pm-6:00pm).

Expected Start Date :

JUNE 2023 Location :
Bedok North Interest applicant please send your resume to Tell employers what skills you have Coaching Written English Classroom Teaching Classroom Management Tuition Teaching English Wellbeing Able To Work Independently Tutoring

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Part-time or Full-time tutors – Singapore – YOUNG PRODIGY LEARNING CENTRE PTE. LTD.

Roles & Responsibilities We are looking for experienced professionals and passionate Mathematics/Science/English/Chinese lovers to join us to bring joy of learning to more children.

Passionate about teaching Want to inspire students in their learning journey Preferably NIE-Trained, OR have a relevant University degree Preferably have at least 2-3 years of relevant teaching experience (in tuition centres, enrichment centres and/or MOE schools) Able to demonstrate mastery of teaching pedagogy Responsibilities Conduct lessons with infectious enthusiasm Monitor and track progress of students Give regular feedback to parents on students’ learning progress Inspire students in their learning journey Tell employers what skills you have Piano Microsoft Office Microsoft Excel Classroom Teaching Classroom Management Housekeeping Translating Tuition Selling Digital Marketing Teaching Experience Cashiering Communication Skills Adobe After Effects Social Media Marketing Customer Service

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Part time Singing Home Tutor TeacherOn

My daughter is just turning 5. Where is your class at east coast? From which age do you start taking Tamil singing classes?

Preschool, Kindergarten, KG, Nursery

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Literacy home tutor – Singapore – TeacherOn

prefer face to face, A level literature
female tutor

Level: A2 level

Gender Preference: Preferably female

Meeting options:
At home – Student can meet at their place.

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Roles & Responsibilities Job description Passionate in helping youths Confident in teaching Primary School or Secondary School students. Able to commit to at least 3 classes (4.5 hours a week) for at least 12 months. Classes will be assigned to you based on your weekly availability. Ability to teach more than 2 subjects such as Chinese, English, Math and Science would be a major plus. COVID-19 considerations: Must be fully vaccinated or in the process of getting fully vaccinated. Tutor Training and teaching material will be provided.

Must be able to travel to at least one of the locations:

Macpherson (35 Circuit Road #01-442, Singapore 370035)
Balestier (82 Whampoa Drive #01-959, Singapore 320082)
Bedok (93 Bedok North Ave 4 #01-1469, Singapore 460093)

Job Type:
Part-time Salary: $15.00 – $30.00 per hour Schedule: Flexible hours Weekend availability Tutor Training and Teaching Material will be provided.

Tell employers what skills you have Childcare Microsoft Excel Classroom Teaching Social Media Housekeeping Early Childhood Education Selling Teaching English Cashiering Communication Skills Team Player Customer Service Facebook Able To Work Independently

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Part time ib/igcse english junior tutor – Singapore – Quintessential Education

About Us:

Quintessential Education (QE) is Singapore’s leading provider of pre-tertiary academic programmes and university admissions advisory for IGCSE and IB students. Over the past 7 years, we have built a strong presence on a high-quality positioning. We are a fast-growing business looking for a dedicated and talented addition to our team. You will help address students’ learning needs and academic success by providing guidance, review, and relevant help to students in a professional manner from beginning to end.

What You’ll Learn

· Build your teaching skills
· Receive mentorship from senior tutors on good pedagogy and teaching methods
· Take ownership and ensure that the teachings align consistently with the company’s teaching methodologies
· Improve your presentation and communication skills
· A fulfilling mentoring experience to make a difference in someone’s life

Job Responsibilities:

The tutor is to conduct his or her duties in a professional manner. He or she must provide syllabus guidance, review of weak concepts, timed exam practices, and targeted homework and feedback to each student.

Job Requirements:

We are seeking full-time or part-time junior tutors for IB/IGCSE English. One should have:

Excellent verbal and written communication in English

-Good attitude and sense of responsibility
-Keen eye for detail
-Ability to teach both individual and group classes
-Able to create resources
-Tutors should ideally have relevant experience teaching English at IB, IGCSE, and/or MYP level
-Fresh IB graduates are welcome
-Proficient in English. Ideally, an IB graduate with a predicted score of >42 Points and 7 in English.

What qualities we are looking

Good attitude to learn and improve

-Keen eye for detail
-Good time management and organization skills
-Able to work independently
-Provision of digitized notes to students for ease of revision
-Sense of responsibility to nurture each student


Allowance: $50 per hour upwards
Commitment: Part-time, can start immediately. The contract duration is 6 months to 1 year. Full-time conversion/ internship available for discussion.

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To select the best part time tutor jobs in Singapore, consider the following steps:

Determine your expertise: Assess your knowledge, skills, and strengths in specific subjects or areas where you can provide effective tutoring. Identify the subjects you excel in and have the confidence to teach others.

Research the market demand: Investigate the subjects or areas where there is a high demand for tutors in Singapore. This can include subjects like math, science, English, and languages. Look for tutoring opportunities that align with your expertise and the demand in the market.

Check reputable tutoring platforms: Explore well-known tutoring platforms and websites in Singapore, such as Tutoroo, MyPrivateTutor, SmileTutor, or Superprof. These platforms often have a wide range of tutoring opportunities and allow you to create a profile highlighting your skills and experience.

Read reviews and ratings: Look for reviews and ratings of tutoring platforms or websites to gauge their credibility. This will help you select reputable platforms that have a good track record of connecting tutors with students.

Set your schedule and availability: Determine your availability and preferred working hours for part-time tutoring. Consider your existing commitments, such as work or studies, and ensure that you can commit to the tutoring schedule you plan to offer.

Define your rates: Research the average rates for tutoring services in Singapore and decide on a competitive yet reasonable rate based on your qualifications and experience. Take into account factors like the level of the subject you’ll be teaching and the demand for tutors in that area.

Create an appealing profile: Develop a well-crafted profile that showcases your qualifications, expertise, teaching approach, and any relevant experience. Highlight your achievements, academic background, and any teaching certifications or qualifications you possess. Include any testimonials or references that can vouch for your teaching skills.

Apply and network: Start applying for part-time tutoring positions through the platforms you have chosen. Leverage your network by letting friends, colleagues, or family members know that you are available for tutoring. Word-of-mouth recommendations can be an effective way to secure tutoring opportunities.

Attend interviews and demo sessions: Be prepared for interviews or demo sessions with potential clients or tutoring agencies. Showcase your teaching skills, passion for education, and ability to connect with students during these sessions.

Evaluate the opportunities: Assess the tutoring opportunities you receive based on factors such as location, commute time, hourly rate, and compatibility with your schedule. Consider the preferences of the students or parents, their commitment to regular sessions, and the overall fit between you and the student.

Remember, selecting the best part time tutor jobs in Singapore is subjective, and it depends on factors like your expertise, interests, availability, and personal preferences. By following these steps, you can increase your chances of finding rewarding tutoring opportunities that align with your skills and goals.