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The captivating city of Cairns, nestled in the tropical paradise of Australia, not only offers breathtaking landscapes but also a vibrant hospitality industry that caters to a steady influx of tourists and visitors. Hospitality jobs in Cairns are varied and rewarding, providing individuals with opportunities to work in diverse roles within the sector. From luxury resorts to cozy cafes, there’s a multitude of job options that come with their own set of responsibilities and corresponding salaries.

Types of Hospitality Jobs in Cairns

  1. Hotel Management
    Working in hotel management is a fulfilling and dynamic career choice. From overseeing daily operations to ensuring impeccable guest experiences, hotel managers play a pivotal role in the industry. They manage staff, coordinate events, and maintain the overall efficiency of the establishment.

Salary Range: Hotel managers in Cairns can expect to earn between $55,000 to $85,000 annually, depending on the size and prestige of the hotel.

  1. Culinary Arts
    For those with a passion for food and creativity, culinary arts offer a delectable career path. From chefs to sous chefs, Cairns’ culinary scene provides opportunities to work in various settings, ranging from upscale restaurants to charming cafes.

Salary Range: Chefs in Cairns typically earn around $50,000 to $70,000 per year, depending on their experience and the establishment they work for.

  1. Event Coordination
    Event coordinators are the maestros behind successful gatherings, conferences, and celebrations. This role demands exceptional organizational skills and attention to detail.

Salary Range: Event coordinators can earn approximately $45,000 to $60,000 annually, with potential for higher earnings based on the scale and complexity of events.

Prominent Employers and Their Advantages

Several esteemed companies in Cairns offer a plethora of hospitality job opportunities. Two notable names include:

Branch Supervisor – Bargain Car Rentals

We are currently seeking an exceptional Branch Supervisor to play a pivotal role in driving growth at Bargain Car Rentals Australia.

This presents an incredible opportunity to become a part of a rapidly expanding company operating within the recovering tourism sector. We believe that life is too valuable to be spent in a job that doesn’t resonate with your passion. Join our team and be part of something greater! By collaborating with our management and current team, you’ll contribute to delivering an unparalleled customer experience. Your dedication will not only lead the way in exceeding sales and service targets, but also involve taking charge of the customer journey and overseeing the daily operations of our off-airport location in Cairns.

About Bargain Car Rentals:
As the largest privately-owned car rental company in Australia, we have consistently demonstrated a track record of substantial growth. Our commitment is to offer our customers the finest product at the most competitive rates in the market. We go the extra mile in customer service, always surpassing our customers’ expectations. Our patrons tend to become loyal due to the exceptional experiences they encounter with us. Our staff members are instrumental in achieving this, and our leadership team is highly dedicated to the well-being of our employees.

Role Overview:
In this key role, your primary focus will be to leverage your proven leadership experience to empower your team to “contribute to our customers’ great days, rather than being a source of their woes.”

The role primarily centers around providing steadfast support to the daily operations of the Depot, and you’ll occasionally need to dive in hands-on to ensure tasks are successfully completed.

We’re in search of a candidate who views this opportunity as a platform for their own growth and development in tandem with the company’s expansion. Prior experience in a leadership role within the industry is certainly advantageous.

We’re seeking an individual who not only understands our industry but who embodies the following qualities:

Goal-Driven: You possess a genuine desire to attain remarkable outcomes.
Proven Leadership: You come with a demonstrated ability and history in a leadership position, preferably within the car rental sector.
Independent and Resourceful: Comfortable operating with minimal direct supervision while being supported by the Management and Head Office teams.
Sociable and Engaging: Your personality is welcoming and captivating.
Balanced Adherence: You appreciate protocols and guidelines while also possessing the ability to creatively find solutions that benefit both customers and the business.
Proactive Ownership: You take initiative and encourage your team to do the same, fostering a sense of ownership.
Positive Attitude: Your positivity is infectious. Leading a high-performing team excites you, and you embrace the day-to-day challenges with enthusiasm.
If you resonate with the above and are thrilled by the notion of being an influential part of a dynamic team, we eagerly anticipate receiving your application via Seek.

As part of the next phase of our recruitment process, successful candidates will receive an invitation to complete an online assessment, including video-based questions.

Employer Queries:
Your application will encompass the following queries:

Do you currently possess a valid Australian driver’s license?
Of the options provided, please indicate your eligibility to work in Australia.

Apply Here

Front Office Receptionist Hotel – Sunshine Tower Hotel

Join our Vibrant Hotel Team as a Front Office Receptionist!

We are seeking an enthusiastic individual to become part of our lively hotel industry team. If you’re brimming with local insights and possess outstanding customer service skills, this is the perfect opportunity to join our welcoming and professional crew in the heart of the city.

We’re on the lookout for a seasoned Front Office staff member who not only has a deep fondness for Cairns and its surroundings but also possesses the knack for making our guests feel right at home. Your passion for the industry should mirror ours, making this role an exciting fit.

Our ideal candidates will not only showcase their zeal for Cairns and the region but also encompass the following attributes:

As the front face of the hotel, you’ll seamlessly manage all facets of Office Administration, which includes overseeing reservations and providing impeccable guest services. Your background in Hospitality, Travel, or Tourism is a definite prerequisite that we hold in high regard.

In line with your experience, we offer a competitive remuneration package, acknowledging your valuable contribution.

We understand the importance of work-life balance, and hence, flexible working hours are part of the offering.

Interested candidates should provide a letter of application along with their resume.

Employer Inquiries:
As part of your application, please address the following inquiries:

Do you possess prior experience in customer service?
How many years have you worked as a Front Office Receptionist?
Of the options provided, please indicate your eligibility to work in Australia.

Apply Here

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How do I apply for hospitality jobs in Cairns?
    To apply for hospitality jobs in Cairns, visit the websites of reputable job portals or directly explore the career sections of prominent hospitality establishments like XYZ Resorts and ABC Culinary Delights. Submit your resume and a tailored cover letter showcasing your passion and qualifications.
  2. Are there part-time culinary positions available for students?
    Yes, many cafes and restaurants in Cairns offer part-time positions suitable for students pursuing culinary careers. These positions provide valuable hands-on experience and a chance to refine culinary skills.
  3. What skills are essential for a successful career in hotel management?
    A successful hotel management career necessitates excellent leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills. Additionally, a customer-centric approach and the ability to manage diverse teams are crucial for ensuring seamless guest experiences.
  4. Are event coordination roles highly stressful due to the nature of the job?
    While event coordination can be demanding, proper planning and organizational skills can significantly reduce stress. Event coordinators often find the fast-paced environment exhilarating and rewarding.
  5. How can I advance in my hospitality career?
    Advancement in the hospitality industry can be achieved through dedication, continuous learning, and networking. Pursuing specialized training programs, attending industry seminars, and seeking mentorship can all contribute to career growth.

Hospitality jobs in Cairns, Australia, offer a wide array of opportunities across various sectors. From managing luxurious hotels to creating culinary delights, the city’s hospitality scene is brimming with possibilities. As you embark on your journey into the hospitality industry, consider the advantages offered by prominent employers and remember that continuous learning and passion are the keys to a successful and fulfilling career.