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Jawatan Kosong Posisi Customer Service Specialist di TTRacing

DESKRIPSI Jawatan Kosong

About the company

TTRacing is a gaming chair company and current market leader in Malaysia with annual revenue of RM50m. We are present in Malaysia and Philippines with fast expansion growth to becoming a global brand. The company serves comfort to those long hours in helping our users to achieve greater productivity and performance. We dedicate ourselves to creating gaming chairs of unmatched comfort. We believe our users are the ones who ultimately shape the future of the world and we want to be the one to seat them through this incredible journey.

Career Prospect

The customer service role is a challenging yet rewarding position. It requires someone who is highly engaging and intuitive in answering and solving customer questions. High teamwork spirit and leadership skills are required for a fast pace environment as such.

Unlike other companies customer service, our customer service team plays a huge part in our company. This role allows one to be promoted to the management level as customer service is one of the cores of the company.

How we would like you to assist us:

  • Handling walk-in customers’ requests
  • Performing pre-sale and post-sale
  • Outbound calls with customers when necessary
  • Handling service emails and responding to customers’ queries on various platforms such as Shopee, Lazada, etc

What we would like to see in you:

  • Possesses SPM/Diploma in related field
  • Basic knowledge of computers is required
  • Able to speak multi language
  • Able to work effectively with team members
  • Versatile in handling different customers
  • Fast response in understanding different questions
  • Problem-solving and multitasking skills
  • Willing to work on shift

Informasi Tambahan Jawatan Kosong

Tingkat Pekerjaan : Entry Level
Kualifikasi : Services, Customer Service
Pengalaman Kerja : 2 years
Jenis Pekerjaan : Full-Time
Spesialisasi Pekerjaan : Services, Customer Service / 505, 134

Customer Service Specialist is a professional who works in the field of customer service and is responsible for providing support, assistance, and information to customers. Their primary role is to ensure customer satisfaction by addressing inquiries, resolving issues, and maintaining positive customer relationships.

The specific duties and responsibilities of a Customer Service Specialist may vary depending on the industry and organization they work for. However, some common tasks include:

  1. Responding to customer inquiries: They handle incoming customer calls, emails, or messages and provide prompt and accurate responses to their questions or concerns.
  2. Problem-solving: They assist customers in resolving issues, troubleshooting problems, and finding appropriate solutions to ensure their needs are met.
  3. Order processing: They process customer orders, track shipments, and coordinate with other departments to ensure timely delivery.
  4. Product knowledge: They have in-depth knowledge of the company’s products or services, enabling them to provide detailed information, make recommendations, and address customer queries effectively.
  5. Handling complaints: They listen to customer complaints, investigate the issues, and work towards resolving them in a satisfactory manner.
  6. Customer relationship management: They build and maintain strong relationships with customers, ensuring their ongoing satisfaction and loyalty.
  7. Documentation and record-keeping: They maintain accurate records of customer interactions, inquiries, and resolutions for future reference and analysis.

Customer Service Specialists often work in various industries such as retail, hospitality, telecommunications, finance, or technology. Strong communication skills, problem-solving abilities, empathy, and patience are crucial for success in this role. Additionally, they may need to utilize customer service software, databases, and other tools to manage customer interactions efficiently.

Informasi perusahaan Pemberi Kerja, TTRacing


TTRacing is a gaming chair company that serves comfort to those long hours in achieving greater productivity and performance. We dedicate ourselves in creating gaming chairs of unmatched comfort. Immerse in unparelled level of indulgence while you strive for the extra mile.Our goal is to create long lasting ergonomic comfort. We believe our users are the ones who ultimately shape the future of the world and we are there to seat them through this incredible journey. All our products are the results of years of ergonomic engineering. Going beyond industry standards and tested to improve your overall sitting posture for long period of time.We’re in Malaysia and Philippines, as we continue to expand towards Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia.

Informasi Tambahan Perusahaan TTRacing

Ukuran Perusahaan : 1 – 50 Employees
Waktu Proses Lamaran : 2 days
Industri : Computer/Information Technology (Hardware)
Tunjangan dan Lain-lain : Parking, Casual (e.g. T-shirts)
Lokasi : Kuala Lumpur